A warm hello from Oribel

Hello Friends,

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you are looking for inspiration and empowerment you’ve come to the right place.

Apart from articles I've written based on my own personal experiences I have included suggested affirmations, intentions, prayers, visualizations, meditations, ideologies and a whole lot more. I have personally benefited from them - I gained more self-confidence, learned about self-love, self-acceptance and self-respect, overcoming fears created by years of conditionings, tackled self-doubt, self-worth and self-esteem issues. And I’m learning to trust myself more and more each day.

I invite you to open heart and empty your mind and pick any subject that you are drawn to. Take only the information that resonates with you and leave the rest behind as they are here for others. You see, each of us have different lessons to learn in this life. Much of which is to overcome different types of fears - fear of being lonely, fear of rejection, fear of failure, well you're getting the picture. And, hence, we need different tools in our lives as we seek to discover ourselves and to turn our challenges into life lessons. With self-knowledge comes true power.

And always know that you have much to give the world by just being you....the authentic you that is. And also remember that when you reach a higher truth be prepared to let go of older ones that no longer serve you. That's how we evolve and expand.

Happy journeys,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Beautiful Day - Sing Along

I found this gem of a song by India Arie. I've been listening to it and replaying it over and over. It made me stood up and danced and sang along too. I feel positively happy when listening to this.

Why don't you click on the play button and listen to it for yourself. There are lyrics too, so go ahead and sing along. I believe I'll be playing it every morning to start the day on the right note - It's Early in the Morning, It's the Dawn of a New Day, New Hopes, New Dreams, New Ways.

You rock India :D

PS - click on the full screen icon (to the right of the speaker icon) if you want to view this video in full screen mode.