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Hello Friends,

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you are looking for inspiration and empowerment you’ve come to the right place.

Apart from articles I've written based on my own personal experiences I have included suggested affirmations, intentions, prayers, visualizations, meditations, ideologies and a whole lot more. I have personally benefited from them - I gained more self-confidence, learned about self-love, self-acceptance and self-respect, overcoming fears created by years of conditionings, tackled self-doubt, self-worth and self-esteem issues. And I’m learning to trust myself more and more each day.

I invite you to open heart and empty your mind and pick any subject that you are drawn to. Take only the information that resonates with you and leave the rest behind as they are here for others. You see, each of us have different lessons to learn in this life. Much of which is to overcome different types of fears - fear of being lonely, fear of rejection, fear of failure, well you're getting the picture. And, hence, we need different tools in our lives as we seek to discover ourselves and to turn our challenges into life lessons. With self-knowledge comes true power.

And always know that you have much to give the world by just being you....the authentic you that is. And also remember that when you reach a higher truth be prepared to let go of older ones that no longer serve you. That's how we evolve and expand.

Happy journeys,

Friday, August 12, 2011

Divine Forgiveness

The Divine Forgiveness Statement

Your State of Being
This is a gentle and peace-loving process.
Be in this state and call to mind the situation.
Say the statement.
You can say this to others as well, if they bring up the situation.
As a start, say the statement 3 times, once or twice a day.
If you wish, say it as often as you like.
And let go and let the situation evolve.
Release -- Let Go -- Allow

You may want to place the Divine Forgiveness statement
on a wall next to your dresser or on your mirror as a reminder, for starters
so you'l remember to say it in the morning and at night.

Understanding How Divine Forgiveness Works
The process is simple.
When you see a difficult or hopeless
situation before you, whether you are involve
or not, recognize that it's only an illusion.
Every being on earth is here to experience and
we each play many roles to gain many different experiences.
This is how our souls learn, grow and expand.
There are no good or bad experiences, just different experiences.
As soon as you understand this you can easily let go of judgment.
When you change your awareness and acknowledge the illusion before you
and you forgive yourself and the person or persons that are involve in the situation
you shine a light on a path that's filled with potentials for others to work in.
You don't make anyone do anything, you are just creating an energy
that is so attractive that many are interested and helped by it.
With free choice others will see or discover hidden ideas or
the potentials for new solutions that often leads to
a benevolent outcome.
This is the magic of the system of potentials.

Divine forgiveness can be used for personal situations so you can
say this statement as an individual. However, for large scale situations
many individuals are needed to say this statement to amplify
the energy quotient.

Know this:
As we create what we need, it involves others,
but also know we can't control them!
Your light creates a path, which others can walk.....
a potential that often leads to a win-win situation with many
people as you create your own life.
Divine Forgiveness is benevolent.

Don't think of the solution. Thinking is of the mind. And the mind is limited.
Just allow for the dance of energy to create the magic of a system of potentials.

Final Words
Trust the process.
Keep the faith.
Have no expectations, expect the unexpected.
Understand it's non-linear.
It's quantum.
And don't put a timeline to it.

You can make a difference! Create your own reality NOW.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Divine Guidance using Oracle Cards

Do not limit the ways in which your soul connects with you. The easiest way is through oracle cards. And thanks to the internet we are now able to do an online reading. Remember all readings are based on your current level of consciousness...it's for the moment only. And never become dependent on it. Pick a card and be enlightened!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You Are A Master

One of my all time favourite interests is to create videos that share inspiring and enlightening messages - messages that resonate with me to the core. And this particular video - You Are A Master - was given birth from a strong message I received when playing with a set of tarot cards I ordered from the US. The deck of cards called The Living Light Symbols Cards was created by Dr. Meg (Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.).

I was playing with the cards and kept asking Spirit, "tell me what it is I need to know." And several times the card no. 38 keep appearing to me. This card carries the name The Master's Staff. And I looked up in the accompanying booklet for the explanation to the card and oh wow. It hit me. I loved what Dr. Meg wrote for this card. And I told myself, I must share what she has written through a video. I immediately knew the perfect music piece for it. To keep the story short, I was given permission by both Dr. Meg and Anders Holte, the singer and composer of Lemurian Home Coming to use their creations for my video. This is truly a very fulfilling collaboration for me.

I hope you enjoy the video as it engages your senses. I ask you especially to feel the words of the definition of a Master.

I sometimes refer to the video to see if I am out of alignment with Spirit. I feel that Dr. Meg's words help provide guidance for us to stay balance.

My gratitude to Dr. Meg who gave her blessings and her permission to use her words for this video and Anders Holte for his contribution of his wonderful high consciousness music Lemurian Home Coming to accompany it.

With passion,

I invite you to discover the creations of both these contributors. Please visit their official websites which I provide below:

Anders Holte

Dr. Meg

What to expect for the rest of 2011

I was privileged to work with a channeller named Lee Harris earlier this year in a special collaboration to present his message on the potentials in 2011. We didn't expect the video to draw alot of attention, but it did. It's been viewed more than 130,000 times now. I believe it has provided clarity to many people in helping them to understand their situations better. I hope you view it as I feel that you may find some benefits. If not, just let it go. And if you feel someone else may also benefit from it please share.

Open your heart and empty your mind......

If you want more of Lee Harris' work, please visit Lee's official website:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Places to go, Promises to keep, People to meet

Hello Everyone,
I've not blogged in a very long while as I was focusing on my career and discovering my many passions. And I feel that the work is never done. Because the journey is about discovering everything I want to experience. There is no ONE purpose. There is only living freely and knowing that I make my own rules and creating experiences for myself using love and knowing that my experiences may also affect others.

Some would say, that's hogwash. No, I say that's the way it is. I am now an interspecies communicator and I teach people how to communicate with their pets, animals in nature, insects, plants and Nature. You see I discovered that human beings are angels in disguise, as some or all of you already know. And we created the earth so we as angels in human form can experience different things that angels could not experience. And in our experience as human beings we discover that we are indeed angels in disguise and can create so many wonderful experience for ourselves and for others. And we do this my using our more enlightened attributes - love, kindness, gentleness, compassion, respect, honor, honesty, patience, determination, faith etc. But alas not all humans remember that they are angels in disguise and have bought in into mass consciousness of lack, greed, fear and thus causing pain to others for fear of not getting their share of whatever they feel they want or need.

And for those who are awakened to this illusion realize that they are here at this time to begin showing others by example how to live a life that's peaceful and loving and in harmony with all living beings. We are the caretakers of this earth and this is the time to begin the process of taking care of our earth, the environment and it's inhabitants.

It's been said that the 'meek shall inherit the earth.' The meek are our children and their children, and their children's children. The new children will one day be the future guardians of the planet and by that time all of humanity will live in peace and harmony. And the process begins now, with you and me.

Perhaps that is why I am drawn to working with animals and nature and to show others how to begin connecting with them at a heart-level. This was how it was so many years ago in the first civilization when angels lived on earth as humans and other beings. They communicated telepathically. There were no words. The only universal language was love and is still love which allows any two very different beings live side by side. The love or heart connection allows a safe space for everyone to just be themselves because there is no judgment.

It is actually very simple if we allow it to be. Keep it simple. There is no need to be intellectual about these things. Humans have been using intellect for so long. I say move to the heart because that is where you'll find the wisdom and all answers to our challenges. How would love respond? Only you know how.

I initially wanted to delete this blog on September 1st. And on second thought I've decided not to. I'll be writing on this blog as and when I'm drawn to do so. But one thing for sure, I won't wait for another 18 months. And if anyone is interested in what I'm currently spending my time on, pls. visit my new websites:

Videos to inspire and enlighten you:

My connection with animals and nature:

All is well,
I AM Oribel Divine

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Beautiful Day - Sing Along

I found this gem of a song by India Arie. I've been listening to it and replaying it over and over. It made me stood up and danced and sang along too. I feel positively happy when listening to this.

Why don't you click on the play button and listen to it for yourself. There are lyrics too, so go ahead and sing along. I believe I'll be playing it every morning to start the day on the right note - It's Early in the Morning, It's the Dawn of a New Day, New Hopes, New Dreams, New Ways.

You rock India :D

PS - click on the full screen icon (to the right of the speaker icon) if you want to view this video in full screen mode.